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The Adventures of the Three Ds in Action!

The Grumpy Bear is Now Available!

Written by Elon Cohen

Illustrated by Lyn Dam

For Ages 6+ 

Interest Level 1st -3rd Grade

The Grumpy Bear is a story that leads the listener/reader down a path of mindful caring, empathy and taking action to help a friend. Three characters, the owl, the monkey and the lion help the bull who is concerned about the bear. The owl is a “Decoder” who helps to understand feelings. The Monkey is a “Distractor” who helps remind the bear that it’s important to have fun. The lion is the “Doer” who helps the bear solve problems and take actions. These characters, the three D characters, provide a tool to help teachers, mental health counselors, parents and students remember the steps to staying happy, healthy and caring for one another. "The Adventures of the Three Ds" will be a book series full of adventures, lessons, and fun for the classroom and for the family. The second book of the series is anticipated to come out in 2019. This story is a gentle and fun way to inform children who will confront challenging situations like bullying, or other emotional difficulties or family stress, that it is okay to care about others and it’s a good thing to take action when needed. This story promotes kindness, supportive behavior and problem solving.

Introducing the 3 main characters...

Hi there! I am Owl the DECODER! How we feel inside is called having emotions, and these emotions tell the world if we are happy or excited. But sometimes things can make us sad or frightened, and that's where I come in! if something isn't OK and making you feel bad, I am very smart and can help decode your emotions so you can better understand yourself. You can trust me, because I'm here to help.​



​Over here, over here! Hey everyone - look at me! I'm Monkey the DISTRACTOR! I like to have fun! I'm a total goof-ball and that's why I'm always bouncing and playing! I’ll
take you away for a bit and you can direct your energy to doing things you enjoy doing. This helps calm you down and find your balance to look at the situation clearer.
Being calm and balanced helps us understand what's going on around us a little better. Then we can make better choices, do the right things, and most importantly...get back to playing!


​What's up kiddos! I am Lion the DOER and I get stuff done. That's why they call me the Doer. I work hard and do the very best I possibly can. Sometimes I can make goof-ups, but it's totally OK! I just make a few improvements here and there and try again. Because I'm happy - and I know if I keep trying I'll get it right. There are many different ways to get a task done right - and someone else's way might not be the best way for me. And that's just how it's supposed to be. So if you've got a problem, yo - let's solve it!

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