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Cyber-bullying: 4 Key Universal Signs to Look For



You would think that it would be easy to spot a child who is being bullied.  If they want help, they’ll ask for it, right?  If only parenting could be that easy.  But sadly, we know it isn’t.  Now that we are dealing with digital natives, youngsters that have never known a time without technology, bullying has a new home that we must learn to recognize and deal with: cyberspace.



Luckily, cyberbullying has many of the same signs as regular bullying.  If you suspect your child is being bullied on the internet there are some signs to look for. We should always be ready to talk to our children and let them know that they are loved and normal, and we want to be there for them!




If your child suddenly exhibits behavior changes, he may be trying to work out a solution to his problem, but not really know how to handle this type of aggression.  



Low Self Esteem:

If your child makes comments about her weight, she may be experiencing cyberbullying. Bullying is about power, and when someone with power is telling her she’s fat, she may not have the self-esteem to cope with it.  We need to be ready to give our children unconditional love so they know what it looks like.



Sudden Out of Character Aggression:  

Again, since cyberbullying is about power, the only way he may know how to deal with it is by trying to gain power himself.  Yelling at siblings and parents or even physical aggression may be a sign that he is dealing with cyberbullying..



Lack of Concentration:

Like grownups, when children are preoccupied they find it hard to concentrate.  Their grades may drop or they may be less talkative than normal.  


Children are all different and that is what makes them so lovable. Unfortunately, to them, being different often draws attention from cyberbullies. Bullies have always been a problem. Now, with access to social media and technology, there are more ways for bullies to do their work.  The important thing is to let our children know that we are there for them and that they are loved.  

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