We are successfully partnering with foundations and public schools throughout the Metro-Denver area to educate the community on the bullying epidemic and instill self-confidence and self-reliance in our youth.  Here are our most recent partnerships and information on our participation in community events.

Be A Friend, Make A Friend Partners with the Denver Broncos' Brandon McManus - Supporting the Message

Brandon McManus, kicker for the NFL Denver Broncos, generously donated to Be A Friend, Make A Friend through his charity, Project McManus, click here to visit his webpage.

Be A Friend, Make A Friend Partners with the Colorado Rapids - Supporting the Message

Kroenke Sports' Colorado Rapids, supports children and families throughout Colorado. We pledge our resources to help fill the needs of many through support of education and recreation initiatives, appearances and sports clinics by players and coaches; donations of autographed merchandise and tickets, and the gift of service by our employees.

Be A Friend, Make A Friend Partners with the Colorado Avalanche - Supporting the Message

NHL Avalanche Captain Gabe Landeskog started his Landy’s Friends program in Sweden to provide non-profit guests a special experience at an Avalanche game.

Project McManus Logo
Be A Friend, Make A Friend Partners with Project McManus - Supporting the Message

Brandon McManus, kicker for the NFL Denver Broncos, generously donated to Be A Friend, Make A Friend through his charity, Project McManus, click here to visit his webpage.

Play the Whistle - Uniting Against the Ugly Side of Soccer


Play The Whistle operates to provide referee, league, and tournament services to youth and adult soccer programs.  Elon Cohen (fourth from the right) is one of many Colorado referees that are members of the United States Referee Assocication.

Be A Friend, Make A Friend Wins Grant from the Children's Corridor!


The Children’s Corridor is many things. It’s a place. It’s an idea. It’s a commitment. The place is 41 square miles in Denver and Original Aurora with 53,000 children, two thirds of them living in poverty or are at risk. The idea is to flood the zone with opportunity and support for these children and families. One way we are committing to this change is by bringing community members together around service projects in their communities.

The Piton Foundation, in partnership with the National Service-Learning Conference, will be hosting a Children’s Corridor Day of Service & Celebration on Saturday, March 16th from 9AM-3PM!

Be A Friend, Make A Friend is proud to have been selected to participate in the Children’s Corridor Day of Service & Celebration.

The Piton Foundation Believes in Be A Friend, Make A Friend​


The Piton Foundation is a private, operating foundation established in 1976 by Denver oil man Sam Gary. The foundation's name was derived from the steel spike - a piton - used by mountain climbers to secure their lifeline - an essential support as they ascend difficult terrain. Piton's mission is to provide opportunities for children and their families to move from poverty and dependence to self reliance. Its vision is a better future for the low-income children of Denver.

Fields-Wolfe Memorial Fund

To empower children youth and families by providing access to health care, quality education, and positive character development.

​To ensure every child has a healthy start, a fair, and safe head start in life towards a successful passage to adulthood.

Be A Friend, Make A Friend is a proud member of the Colorado Non-Profit Association


Colorado Nonprofit Association leads, serves and strengthens Colorado’s nonprofit community to improve the quality of life throughout the state.

Scholars Unlimited

Be A Friend, Make A Friend has the opportunity to work with Summer Scholars, a nonprofit partner of Denver Public Schools (DPS).  Friday Fun Club is conducted in several DPS Schools and Be A Friend, Make A Friend, is part of it's after school enrichment.


We have presented our program at these DPS elementary schools:

Ashley, Columbine, Dora Moore, Garden Place, Harrington, Knapp, McGlone, Valdez, Smith, Ford, Amesse, Whittier, Oakland, Steadman, Amesse, Florida Pitt Waller, Beacon, Place Bridge Academy, and Century Middle School.

Hal Aqua

Hal Aqua received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University and has been a graphic designer for over forty years. In the 1980s, he was Art Director for DeOlivera Creative, a leading Denver graphic design firm. He also served as art director for The Ad Shop/Ahrens and Whitlock. Throughout his career, Hal has focused on working with small businesses and nonprofit agencies, particularly those involved with the arts, education, and social justice. He has always been dedicated to providing clients with top-end design for affordable prices.

Hal also works as a musician, song leader, teacher and performer. For Hal’s musical endeavors, please visit www.halaqua.com.

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Sports Monster Denver

Be A Friend Make A Friend is collaborating with Sports Monster Denver... Our goal is to build sportsmanship, valuable and safe environment in all of our year long sports league, which fosters self-confidence and self-reliance in all participants regardless of team chosen sport, and deliver pro-social educational experiences in order to eliminate bullying and unsportsmanlike conduct and its negative consequences.  We are all unique and bring special qualities to share.

Improv LEAP

Each program we offer emphasizes how improv can positively enhance life experiences. Whether you are an individual seeking self-awareness or a business looking to innovate its work culture, Improv LEAP brings forth transformative insights and changes!

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Mr. Wilkerson is a technology teacher in Colorado who believes that bullying is the scourge of education. He believes in teaching digital citizenship to help stave the ongoing problem of cyberbullying. He is also an advocate for transparency in school leadership.

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