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As educators, we know bullying exists in the classroom, on the playground, in the restrooms, on the bus and many areas around school. We know we cannot ignore these situations, and providing the space and time to discuss bullying issues will allow students to share their experiences in a positive environment.

“Do to others as you would have done to you.”

As simple as “The Golden Rule” is, teaching “The Golden Rule” must include demonstrations, role-plays, writing and reading poems, telling stories, doing research projects, and many other activities that help students develop healthier perspectives in dealing with the stresses of their daily lives. Students need a platform from which they can exert confidence and self-reliance in the face of intimidation and disappointment from their peers.

The following are some activities students can do to address bullying.
➢ Draw a bully’s face

​➢ Create a bully prevention rap song

➢ Skills of compromise and negotiation are taught
➢ The No Blame Game

​➢ Conduct an bully prevention poster competition
➢ Have an bully prevention graffiti wall
➢ Design Bully Buster T-shirts with fabric marker​

Bully Quiz

​➢ If I Were in Charge
Standing Up for Me
Self-Control Index Card

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