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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effective skills focusing on safeguarding our community and self. We are committed to promoting a peaceful, valuable and safe learning environment, delivering pro-social educational experiences. We are all unique and bring special qualities to share.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a peaceful, valuable and safe learning environment, which fosters self-confidence and self-reliance in our youth, and deliver pro-social educational experiences in order to eliminate bullying and its negative consequences. 

Scholars Unlimited

Be A Friend, Make A Friend has the opportunity to work with Summer Scholars, a nonprofit partner of Denver Public Schools (DPS).  Friday Fun Club is conducted in several DPS Schools and Be A Friend, Make A Friend, is part of it's after school enrichment.

We have presented our program at these DPS elementary schools:

Ashley, Columbine, Dora Moore,
Garden Place, Harrington, Knapp,
McGlone, Valdez, Smith, Ford, Amesse, Whittier, Oakland, Steadman, Amesse, Florida Pitt Waller, Beacon, Place Bridge Academy, and Century Middle School.

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